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On August 30, 2016, Ed Panelli, President of Executive Business Services, was part of a small group of Wisconsin business leaders who participated in a Mexico / Wisconsin Business Briefing. The event hosted by Mark Hogan, Secretary/CEO-Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, highlighted Wisconsin being Mexico’s third largest US trade partner.

The briefing was also attended by the Ambassador to the US for Mexico, Carlos Solana, and was followed by the ceremonial opening of the second Mexican Consulate in Wisconsin located in Milwaukee’s east side which was hosted by Governor Walker.


As a follow-up, Ed Panelli from Executive Business Services will be meeting with Julian de Leon, Consul General for Mexico, to discuss how to expand trade with Wisconsin manufacturers.  

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Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretary of External Relations – Mexico briefs Wisconsin Business Leaders

Edward J. panelli

Founder, Executive Business Services

Ed is a recognized global expert in organizing leadership teams, leading award-winning global product development projects, and driving global revenue growth in China & Europe.

​Throughout his work as a senior executive, Ed has received numerous awards for business transformations and revenue growth through innovation.  He has the unique distinction of being awarded patents in both healthcare and arc welding industries.

In his most recent corporate role, Ed was Global Managing Director of the P & L responsible for R&D, Product Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales & Marketing for robotic arc-welding systems for the Automotive Industry.

Formerly, Ed led a team at GE that developed comprehensive solutions to enable healthcare systems around the world to achieve their clinical and financial objectives.  Those solutions were developed by integrating the GE industrial, financial, and infrastructure products and services portfolio in conjunction with GE Healthcare.  This team also pioneered “green” hospital solutions which included, the highly publicized “beer-to-energy” project with Gunderson Lutheran Health System in La Crosse, WI.

Ed has an extensive professional background that spans several industries.  He joined GE in 1999 at Medical Systems and held eBusiness, Commercial Operations, Product Management, and various Marketing roles in Service, CAT scan systems, and Industrial products. 

Prior to joining GE Medical Systems, Ed was the General Manager of P&A Technologies, an e-Commerce and Internet services company. He has also held leadership positions with other companies in sales and marketing, merchandising, brand management, IT management, and strategic planning.  Ed has leveraged his extensive management experience to change the way these businesses go-to-market.  Ed has a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management, and a Master’s degree in Marketing/Marketing Management from Baruch College of the City University of New York. Ed has been teaching Leadership & Change Management since February 1999, as an adjunct Professor at the Keller Graduate School of Management.

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