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The Leadership Trigon Model™

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The Leadership Trigon Model™

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Beginning the Business Analysis:

How do you differentiate your products/services in a competitive environment?

What’s keeping your company from experiencing above average revenue growth?

What challenges are you facing in expanding into or growing your global markets?

How are you developing your leadership team to maximizing business and people performance?

Examples of The Leadership Trigon Model™ successes:

  • $16 Billion Healthcare device maker needs to differentiate
    • Problem: Hospital Systems having difficulties doing business with companies having many different divisions.
    • Solution:  Reorganized sales team so customers dealt with one person to develop solutions from the many offerings that solved major problems.
    • Result:  Became “Trusted Advisor” and mitigated competitive strengths resulting in a 5 basis point increase in margins.

  • German robot manufacturer reentering arc-welding market
    • Problem:  Commoditized market needs differentiated solutions to change the purchasing criteria from price to value.
    • Solution:  Formed alliance with leading arc welding products company to develop innovative, IP protected offering.
    • Result: Launched the only complete ready-to-weld global end-user solution.  Lead times were reduced 75%.

  • US manufacturer’s China-based team fails to launch growth segment initiative
    • Problem:  Local team lacks understanding of new targeted segment.
    • Solution:  Appointed experienced distributor in new segment to represent company.
    • Result:  Distributor generates 2X incremental sales from its existing customer base in the growth segment.

  • Automotive Tier One needs to standardize global production process to cut costs
    • Problem:  US, Europe, and china regions use different products and processes to manufacture the same parts.
    • Solution:  Tier One and key supplier partnered to develop standardized global product and production processes.
    • Result:  Costs reduced 20% and throughput time 40%.